During the pandemic, one of the biggest news stories in the world was about global staffing shortages. 

…But that’s all blown over, right? 


Your Tooth Fairy is Here to Help!

The Canadian dental industry is facing a staffing crisis: a severe shortage of dental professionals, including dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and dental receptionists. The numbers are staggering – a shortage of almost 5,000 dental staff coast to coast.


This crisis is putting immense pressure on dentists across the country.


More than 70% of dentists say that this shortage has a direct and negative impact on the efficiency of their practices. Staff are overworked, stressed, and burning out, and for many it seems like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.

Who Feels the Impact the Most?

It’s not just the dental offices that are feeling the impact of this shortage. The people who feel it most are the patients.


Dental staff play a pivotal role in delivering oral health care, and without them, the gap to access dental care will continue to widen. Furthermore, without enough dental staff, the success of the Canada Dental Benefit (CDB) could be at risk—and the health of some of the most vulnerable citizens could be too. Seniors, children, low-income individuals, at-risk populations, marginalized communities, those in rural areas, and more could fall through the cracks.

There has never been a more critical need for formally trained and licensed dental staff . 

Your Tooth Fairy to the Rescue

Established in 2013, Your Tooth Fairy (MAS Placement) is a staffing, recruitment, and employment agency for dental offices and dental professionals. 


With the wave of a wand, we take away the stress that comes with putting the right people in the right jobs. Our services cover the entire staffing process — from advertising job openings to conducting interviews, hiring staff, placing candidates, and onboarding new team members. We also help dental professionals find positions where they can thrive.


Whether you’re a dental office looking for the right candidate or a dental professional looking for your next opportunity, we can help.

A Word From the Tooth Fairy Herself

Founder and CEO Melonee Steele began her career as a dental assistant in 1995 and knows the industry first-hand, inside and out:

Teams are overworked, stressed, and burned out. 

They have  to wait for appointments, some appointments are  cancelled, and the patients feel the impact. Short-staffed teams simply can’t give them the care they deserve.

The future of our dental health depends on new entrants finding the right teams, and current staff maintaining the full-team dynamics required to properly care for patients.

I’m proud to say that since 2013 we’ve successfully placed thousands of qualified dental professionals in offices across the country, from Vancouver to St. John’s. We’re prepared to tackle this crisis — and we’re just getting started.

                     – Melonee Steele, Founder & CEO (MAS Placement)

Painless Dental Staffing

The Canadian dental industry is facing an incredibly challenging staffing crisis in 2023. But here’s the silver liningYour Tooth Fairy is here to help. With almost 30 years of experience in the industry, we offer painless dental staffing.


If you’re a dental office needing recruitment help, or if you’re a dental professional looking for your next great opportunity: