Widsom Tooth Soft Skills blog

#2 Teamwork

Welcome back to our blog! Next on our soft skills must have list is teamwork.  If you survey professional practices, you will find that teamwork is the MOST important skill that matters to team leaders.  Dental practices do not operate without teamwork and the flow of work from the front door to the final bill is essential for a successful and stress-free clinic.

Have you worked in a clinic where it feels like the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing?  Where Assistants and Hygienists don’t communicate and typically stay in their corner and take the ‘that’s not my job’ attitude? It’s common, and absolutely frustrating when you feel like you are an island working alone with no one to have your back.

The good news is, you can ben the catalyst for change and the person who creates and generates an atmosphere of teamwork in your office.

  • Be the person who is reliable, who shows up for work on time ready for the day.
  • Adaptability is key, even though your job function is determined…make yourself available to help here and there in places where you are needed.
  • Stay out of office gossip and politics, it is a career killer!
  • Before presenting a problem at work, creatively come up with 2 solutions to that problem. If you bring a concern nicely wrapped in a solution, it will have a more positive reception.
  • Stay interested and care about your team mates! Celebrate their success by verbal praise or bringing a few treats from time to time.

A simple acknowledgement of your teams success goes a long way in the cohesiveness of a work team.  A patient who is in a clinic that works like a positive team will feel more comfortable and it more likely to return and to chat with friends and family about your great office.