Wisdom Tooth Soft Skills – Leadership

You aren’t a leader; you are just a cog in a large machine…keep your head down and do your job and all will be well.  There are many people like this in the work force and although they get through each day just fine, at the end of it they haven’t challenged themselves to do better or to achiever greater.

Leadership is in the top 5 of soft skills that employers value in their staff, even if they don’t know how to describe leadership.  We aren’t encouraging you to be bossy or dominate every staff meeting, but are challenging you to become a leader in your area of expertise…even if you are leading yourself.

Leadership and aggressiveness are often confused and people mistake being a leader with being bossy which is the exact opposite of what true leadership represents.  If you are dependable, reliable, flexible and willing to jump in when needed, you show more leadership than the one doing all the yelling and bossing.

Take leadership on yourself and learn how to be a leader in your own career field.   You may never have staff who report to you but your actions as an individual can and will create trust and respect in the minds of your co-workers.  Personal leadership is a guaranteed way to ensure your satisfaction at work, no matter how hard the day gets.  You will always get to hang up your hat at the end of the day and feel terrific about a job well done.

Know your career, get to be an expert on the clinic where you are employed and strive to be the ‘go to’ person that people can count on.  This requires personal integrity and sacrifice and isn’t always easy, but these qualities and your ability to be adaptable and helpful will make you an outstanding leader; even if you don’t have your name on a door somewhere.

It is up to you to create opportunities for leadership in your day-to-day routine and to challenge yourself to lean into your work just a little bit more.  The rewards for taking day to day leadership are vast!