Wisdom Tooth Soft Skills – Sales and Customer Service

#3 Sales and Customer Service

When Dental staff are asked about sales, they immediately reply ‘I’m not in sales’. Let’s stop and think about that for a minute.  Sales and customer service go hand in hand and as a Dental professional, you are 100% in this field! Regardless of the profession, sales and customer service are a vital part of your day to day functions.

You are the front line, you spend hours in very close contact with your patient and if you have made them feel comfortable and heard, you have provided customer service and in a roundabout way, you have increased (or at least maintained) ‘sales’ for your practice.  The percentage of people who never return to a Dentist due to a negative experience has very little to do with the actual procedure and everything to do with how they felt after interacting with staff.

Do you view your patients as customers?  Although you are not directly selling anything to them, you are creating a positive and (hopefully) enjoyable experience which prompts them to return and gives them reason to recommend you to their friends and family.  Dear Dental experts, you have the hardest sales job of all! You are required to make a negative and sometimes painful experience joyful and relaxing…if you can accomplish that, then you are a master sales person.

The snowball effect of happy patients means a growing practice, easier billing and payment and a one to one relationship with satisfied people.  Who wouldn’t want to greet that every day? Flip your profession upside down today and read up on a few great sales techniques from the likes of Jeffrey Gitomer and Franklin Covey.  Your refreshed view of your patients will astound you!