Wisdom Tooth Soft Skills

#1 Communication

If you ask anyone if they are a good communicator, most people will say yes.  We have communication every day of our lives with friends, co-workers, family and strangers, so of COURSE we are good communicators!  But are you really? Answer the following questions:

  1. Do you intently look someone in the eye when they are talking?
  2. Do you listen to learn something new about the person who is speaking?
  3. Do you intentionally let the person speaking finish their story before you speak?

If your answer was no to any of these questions, you may need to work on your communication skills.  Communication is one of the top ‘soft skills’ that employers look for and value in an employee.  When you are working in a Dental office, where you are covered and masked up…you have an even more difficult time communicating with patients and staff.

The biggest thing to remember in communication is that people want to be heard.  The military cry HUA! stands for Heard, Understood, Acknowledged.  Make a practice of eye contact when they are speaking and strive for understanding of what they are saying.  Finally, when they are done speaking, repeat back some highlights of what they have told you so that you can confirm that you have acknowledged what they have said.

Employers are searching for staff who not only have the hard skills needed in Dental, but are also looking for those who possess soft skills, those who make the day go smoothly and who make an extra effort to stand out from everyone else.

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